Our Story

Eatfresh was founded out of a desire to update the corporate market with the latest in food innovation. In 2008, we saw that the corporate market was lagging behind retail food standards. Retail had developed the supply chains and the food innovation necessary to offer freshly prepared food using quality ingredients, but corporate food standards were dragging behind. So we founded Eatfresh to make top quality food more accessible in every environment, from corporate restaurants to industrial canteens.

Eatfresh – The Backstory

Prior to entering the corporate market our founders worked in retail from 2001 to 2007. This gave us insight into what the corporate industry lacked and needed. We brought our practice and knowledge in brand innovation to create Eatfresh in 2008. An owner-operated, trend-aware solution designed to bring South Africa’s corporate and industrial catering into the 21st Century.

Replacing Outdated Corporate and Industrial Catering Practices

From the start, we’ve worked to challenge outdated norms in the world of corporate catering. Instead of an ‘us too’ approach, we prefer to blaze ahead and create fast and flexible solutions to meet and exceed our clients’ catering needs.

We strive for service excellence

Core to the Eatfresh brand is our commitment to flexibility and approachability. As real, down-to-earth food lovers and professionals, we’ve developed an easy, speedy process, without the indecision and slow delivery that can afflict larger corporate and industrial caterers. When you use Eatfresh, freshly-prepared, innovative food and top-quality service are givens as part of the experience.

What makes the Eatfresh brand different?

When you choose an Eatfresh restaurant for your on-location catering, you get a cohesively branded staff dining experience. Our brand identity is clearly defined and always puts freshness, quality, and impeccable service first.

We’re bringing healthy back

At Eatfresh, we have been involved in creating hot meal options, designed in collaboration with leading health industry partners and dieticians. We’ve learned how to marry the best features of retail (convenience, availability and variety) with healthy nutrition principles. Having worked with leading health institutions, we know how to develop innovative menus around special dietary requirements and restrictions. All the while, whatever’s cooking, we keep our menus flavourful and fun.

You get more corporate value

As a corporate client, you get good, on-trend food, with an emphasis on quality and variety. Our commitment is to deliver great service at a good price, via our reliable operators. There’s a mistaken belief that wholesome, healthy food must be either expensive, bland or extremely basic. We chose to disprove the theory by making sure that our food combines quality and service with innovation and value.

Get industrial catering the way you want it

Everyone has different tastes, different palates. We know our clients’ employees’ cultures differ, thus flexibility is ingrained in the way we do business. We create, good, nutritional, culture-aware food, to suit your budget. Eatfresh is 100% responsive to our clients’ needs, in every interaction.

Our Story

Eatfresh was founded out of a desire to update the corporate market with the latest in food innovation.