Our Food

Quality catering, whatever your industry

Whether your business is a large corporation, industrial manufacturer or small-medium business, we offer fast, fresh food and varied food concepts. With Eatfresh, you always know you will get freshly prepared, beautifully-presented food made from quality ingredients. We design catering menus for all cultural preferences and dietary needs.

Home-grown recipes bring the flavour

Our home-grown recipes give contemporary, trendy twists on most-loved classics. From hot foods such as curries and meat with pap to fast, grab-and-dash favourites – e.g. Panini’s, baguettes, and salads, our food offers enticing flavour combinations to please any palate.

Ready-made or build-your-own

Whether you need a made to order platter for your function, or an in-house staff restaurant where employees can grab a fresh baguette or salad full of interesting flavours for a solo dine-and-dash, we offer variety and convenience. Our ‘build your own’ options include bespoke burger bars and salad bars, where staff can exercise personal choice and enjoy the theatrics of good, creative food. Whether you prefer pre-made menus or build-your-own, on-the-fly creativity, we make it easy for staff to get the fresh food they like, when they want it, fast.

Get bespoke breakfasts, call order and coffee bars

Whether you need on-location facilities for consistently delivering healthy hot and cold breakfasts, or a call order service for staff to get toasties and other quick pick-me-ups, or an artisanal, speedy coffee bar, we’ll create the personalised solution your business needs.

Constant food innovation, personalised for your business

We constantly research and expand our food concepts to ensure that we offer our clients the best in food innovation, variety and freshness. At Eatfresh, we stay informed about market trends and are constantly evolving and improving our menus. Our food reflects our commitment to quality, service and understanding the latest in food innovation, today.

Our Story

Eatfresh was founded out of a desire to update the corporate market with the latest in food innovation.