Eatfresh Staff Restaurants

Blue chip employees and blue collar workers have one thing they want in common when it comes to workplace meals: Good, fresh food. Our staff restaurants for corporate clients, with their comfortable, trendy environments, and our canteens for industrial facilities match both groups’ needs and preferences. Give staff a place to take time out from a busy day to replenish vital energy.

Get healthy, fresh food for any environment

At Eatfresh, we’re committed to preparing and delivering fresh food daily, using only the best ingredients, to corporate and industrial clients. Here’s what you should know about our staff restaurants:

We create fun, funky corporate restaurants for trend lovers

Blue chip employees want more than a canteen – they want atmosphere, artisanal coffee, on-trend ingredients and health food options. Eatfresh restaurants for corporates keep abreast of the latest food trends. We ensure our branded restaurants deliver the fast, friendly service and abundance of food options that today’s health-conscious, variety-craving professional expects.

When you have a vibrant, varied, and fast eatery on location, staff won’t waste precious time commuting to nearby restaurants. Instead, give your staff a friendly space to unwind and enjoy inviting atmosphere and fresh, wholesome food.

Flexible, good value catering for industrial staff

Eatfresh’s industrial clients can expect the same quality of ingredients and the same care in preparation that we provide to our corporate clients. In our canteens, industrial workers enjoy taking a break from intense labour and replenishing energy over familiar, quality food.

We understand industrial workers come from diverse backgrounds and thus want food options in the workplace to reflect their cultural and other preferences. To meet these needs, we create simple but innovative menus that celebrate the cultural and culinary diversity of your workforce.

Reliable corporate and industrial restaurants

Whether you need corporate or industrial catering, when you choose Eatfresh you get returns on your investment. When staff can get good food at great prices, you keep your employees happier, healthier and more productive. Our corporate staff restaurants and industrial canteens are reliable thanks to our dependable supply chain and collective market knowledge.